About The Reporter

The Comparative Law Reporter (CLR) is an independent publication established in 2009 by a group of legal professionals dedicated to the furtherance of comparative legal research and analysis. Published annually, CLR publishes article contributions from current practitioners of both traditional and alternative methods of dispute resolution. Its contributors are comprised of both attorneys and students who have dedicated their scholarship towards the betterment of the practice of law.  By bringing together a diverse group of legal scholars, practitioners, community leaders, and judges, CLR has quickly become a model for the development of comparative law.

The CLR publishes scholarly articles on cutting edge legal issues including employment law, corporate law, tax law, intellectual property law, privacy law, family law, tort law, medical ethics, constitutional law, and human rights law. 

Those wishing to purchase a hard copy of the journal should email EditorinChief@comparativelawreporter.com.  

Cite as Comp. L. Rep.